Help is a Four-Legged Word™

When a Canine Companions breeder dog whelps four, eight or even fifteen pups, have you ever wondered how the breeder caretaker keeps track of them all? These tiny little balls of fur can look remarkably similar. But for feeding and medical treatment purposes, it is important that the pups be readily distinguishable.

Canine Companions has devised an ingenious method using color coding to quickly identify and differentiate puppies as they are born. The breeder caretakers are given a Whelping Kit, which contains little bottles of washable paint, stretchy yarn and collars in fifteen distinct colors. As puppies are born, their bottoms get a swipe of color — the first puppy is red, the second blue, and so on. This provides a quick and easy way to differentiate the puppies as they are born.

Once the pups are cleaned and dry, colored yarn is placed around their neck. When the puppies…

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