Renelle’s Liver Days 29

Hi all!  AWESOME NEWS!!!!!! Below is the summary of the Report from Dr. Bradbury, her specialist.

Again, THANKS everyone!

Peace! C & R

Copper associated he • patopathy with inflammation
The following tests were performed:
• CBC – normal
• Chemistry panel – ALT 82 (NORMAL AGAIN!!!)
• Urinalysis – no evidence of infection or protein in the urine.
• Zinc levels – 0.84 (normal!)
The following treatments were performed:None
The following medications have been prescribed:
1. Penicillamine 250 mg tablets: Give 1 tablet by mouth twice daily.
2. Zinc 50 mg tablets (if that is what you have) – Give 100 mg of elemental zinc by
mouth twice daily. If she vomits, half the dose.
3. Discontinue the Denamarin
4. Give all other medications as previously prescribed (ursodiol, vitamin E). We will
discontinue the ursodiol at her next visit if she is still doing well.
Diet:Continue feeding the Royal Canin HS (hepatic support) diet.
Additional Instructions:
• Please monitor Renelle for the following: vomiting, diarrhea, not eating or any
other concerns. Please call or come in if these occur.
• Please schedule a recheck exam for 3 MONTHS. We will likely stop the ursodiol
at that time (if liver values normal). Please come in sooner if she is not doing
well. Thank you so much for bringing Renelle in to see us. Please do not hesitate
to call if you have any concerns.
Christina Bradbury, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Small Animal Internal Medicine)



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2 responses to “Renelle’s Liver Days 29

  1. That is amazing and wonderful news! Very happy for you both!

  2. Susan Manuel

    Wonderful news!

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